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The NEWN was founded in 1955 and meets Monday through Saturday at 5:30 AM – 6:30 AM Eastern on or about 3905 kHz using amateur (Ham) radio.

The primary purpose of this net is to share weather observations from stations located in the greater New England area of the United States. We do welcome reports from stations anywhere and have members from outside New England.

Regular participants will be assigned a roster number to help speed up check-ins but you do not need to be a member or have a number to participate. All amateur operators and short wave listeners (SWL) are welcome to join in.

Enjoy your visit and we hope to hear you on the air!

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A colder and drier than normal July here in the northern part of Acushnet.  The July mean of 71.2 deg. was the coldest July since July 2009 saw a mean of 70.7 degrees.  The July low temp

readings of 51 deg. were the lowest in July since 2009 saw 49 deg..  July averages the driest month of any month at my location in the past 38 years.  My July total of 1.89″ holds up to its reputation.

Five of the last six Julys have been drier than normal.  Big savings on electric bills during this July with only 20 cooling degree days and 10 heating degrees days at my location.

July 2017 Acushnet, Mass.      41deg,44min N     70deg,55min W

Ave High     80.6 deg.  Ave Low     61.7 deg.  July Mean     71.2 deg. is 1.8 deg. below normal.  High Temp     91 deg. on July 20 & 21st.; Low Temp     51 deg. on July 26 & 31st. Days 90 or above      2

Total Precip.      1.89″ is 1.63″ below normal  Max 24 hr. Precip.    0.72″ on July 7th.  Total 2017 Precip.     31.47″ is 1.45″ above normal.  T-Storm Days  2 .  High Wind Gust  21 mph on July 1st.  Heating Degree Days 10 ; Cooling Degree Days   207

High Barometer     30.22″ on July 6 & 26th.  Low Barometer      29.64″ on July 7th.

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