WA1KDD Report – May 2017

From Tom, WA1KDD, Achusnet MA

A colder than normal May here in the northern part of Acushnet with above normal precipitation.  The May mean temperature of 56.7 deg. was 1.2 deg. below normal and it was the coldest May since 2008 saw a mean of 56.2 deg.  Short lived heat just after mid month saw the temperature soar to 94 deg. on the 18th. followed by 90 deg. on the 19th. before falling back to cloudy and cool and wet.

The stuck in the ruts of unsettled weather got deeper during May as some precipitation fell on 15 days during the month.  May saw 6.19″ of fall during the month and it was the wettest May at my location since 2006 saw 7.43″.

Vegetation thrived during the cool and wet and lilacs bloomed by the  10th. and blue flag iris by the 22nd. and a lady slipper or two by months end.

The Spring Season ( mar,apr,may) was slightly colder than normal with much above normal precipitation.  It was the wettest Spring Season since 2010 saw 19.57″ due to some 15.61″ falling in just the month of March that year.

May 2017 & the Spring Season Acushnet, Mass.  41deg,44min N   70deg,55min W

Ave High     65.1 deg. Ave Low     48.3 deg. May Mean     56.7 deg. is 1.2 deg. below normal.  High Temp     94 deg.on May 18th.  Low Temp     34 deg. on May 9th.  Days 90 or above     2

Total Precip.     6.19″ is 2.42″ above normal.  Max 24hr. Precip.     1.26″ on May 14th.  Total 2017 Precip.    26.58″ is 4.33″ above normal.  T-Storm Days     2.  High Wind Gust 26 mph on May 2nd. & 17th.  Heating Degree Days     295  Cooling Degree Days 31  High Barometer 30.38″ on May 21st.  Low Barometer      29.41 on May 15th.

Spring Season (mar,apr,may)  Average Temp     47.7 deg. is 0.4 deg. below normal  Total Precip.     17.17″ is 3.21″ above normal  Total Snowfall     9.0″ is .9″ above normal

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