A cooler than normal November here in the northern part of Acushnet with below
normal precipitation. The growing season ended with a hard freeze 19 degrees on Veterans
Day morning November 11th.. Most rain events were short lived until a day long rain on
November 22nd. dropped 1.54″.
A early Thanksgiving Day this year saw a sunny sky and the next 7 days until months end
were rain free. The main complaint this decent November was the wind with 10 days seeing
gusts to 25 mph or better.
No snow fell this November and the snowbird juncos even arrived late.
The Fall Season (sep,oct,nov) was warmer than normal by 2.5 degrees and it was a
little drier than usual. This was the 4th. Fall Season in a row above normal temperature wise.

November 2017 Acushnet, Mass. 41deg,44min N 70deg,55min W

Ave High 52.9 deg.
Ave Low 33.6 deg.
Nov. Mean 43.3 deg is 1.0 deg. below normal
High Temp 70 deg. on Nov. 3rd.
Low Temp 19 deg. on Nov. 11th.
Days 0 or below 0

Total Precip. 3.70″ is 1.11″ below normal
Max 24hr. Precip. 1.54″ on Nov. 22nd.
Snowfall 0 is 1.1″ below normal
Total 2017 Precip. 47.79″ is 0.02″ above normal

T-Storm Days 0
High Wind Gust 37 mph on Nov. 19th.
Heating Degree Days 659
Cooling Degree Days 0
High Barometer 30.53″ on Nov. 11th.
Low Barometer 29.16″ on Nov. 19th.

The Fall Season (sep,oct,nov)
Ave Temp. 56.4 deg. is 2.3 deg. above normal
Total Precip. 12.90″ is 0.54″ below normal

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