This week we have had a fantastic band and we’ve recorded an average of 47 reports so far each day.  The Net Controls have been having a  problem with some of our Internet reports.  Take a look at the screen shot below and you’ll see that some of the data is “clipped” and the info we want is not right there.

So, some suggestions.  in the temperature field just put in the number, we know that it is Fahrenheit because that is what it says at the top of the column.

Barometer:  use “R” “F” or “S” rather than spelling out “rising slowly” etc.

Wind:  give the speed as “direction/current/gust/peak”, i.e. “NNW @ 5/10/25”

Sky:  use “10LS” or “10R”

Gradient; “35/23” , we know it’s Fahrenheit.

Rain:  give the number for the past 24 hours, “1.30”

New Snow:  give the new snow ford the past 24 hrs, “2.5”

Total Snow:  give the depth of accumulated snow on the ground, “5.5”

Use the space at the end for comments or details that you want to tell us.

See what I mean?  The clipping makes it a little more difficult for the Net Control.

Dick, K1MGH




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