End of FY 2013

We are closing in on the end of our FY2013 and starting FY2014. I am very pleased to say that this has been a very uneventful year! The Net continues to grow and increase the number of check ins that we have. We are on track to have more than 11,000 check ins for FY2013.
The Net has lost some long-time members including Ed from Titusville FL (SK) and Hank from Saranac Lake NY (Assisted Living Facility). Bill Claflin and I believe that there are additional SKs including Bill from Nottingham PA and Don from Toms River NJ, possibly others. But we have added new members including Steve from Winsted CT, Mark from Tobyhanna PA, John from Pembroke MA, Steve from Pittsfield MA, and Scott from Shapleigh ME.
Again this year our annual meeting will be on August 16th at Pappagallos in Swanzey NH. Bill Simpson, from the NWS, will be our invited guest and will talk to us about CoCoRaHS. My hope is that this will be an opportunity to reestablish a meaningful, stress-free relationship with the National Weather Service and make our data more valuable.
There has been a realignment of our Net Controls. Mitch has a new job and can no longer be Net Control on Mondays. I am very happy to say that Phil Bretz, KE2EA, from Hornell NY has agreed to come back as a Net Control on Wednesdays. Phil joined the Weather Net in 1955 and is one of the three longest standing members. I am moving to Mondays, Henry will continue on Tuesdays, Doug on Thursdays, Jack on Fridays, and Jim on Saturdays. If any member with a strong signal has a burning desire to become a Net Control, let me know!
I have a couple of “business” items. First, let’s remember the standard of listening before speaking when we check into the NEWN. It is very difficult on the Net Controls when we have a “contest” pile up for “first to check in”. It is also unfair to weak stations. So “listen and then talk”! Second, let’s stick with our format: temp, barometer, wind, sky, gradient, liquid (rain plus snow melt), new snow, total snow on the ground. We are not reporting dew point, humidity, or SWE, but you’re welcome to add those to the end of your report. It’s been a brutal Winter! When reporting what’s on the ground, give the total depth or a good guess but we don’t distinguish between ice and packed snow. Finally, it would help the Net Controls if you checked in when he calls for additional stations, not during a brief lull between other stations reporting.
That’s all I have! Rob #20 from Unity NH has started contributing to the web site and I’ve given him “editor” privileges, meaning he doesn’t have to pass it by me first and rely on me doing the posting. Anyone else who would like to do that, let me know. While I “own” the website (pay the bill), it is your web site and I’d love to see other people contributing.

Dick, K1MGH