End of FY 2014

This has been another busy year for the New England Weather Net.  We closed out the Fiscal Year this morning by logging 11,483 check ins for the year.

2013-14You can see that our peak mornings occurred in December and January either because of or in spite of the severe weather we saw from Maine to Florida and out to Pennsylvania.  I am pleased that we have added a few new stations and I’m sorry that we have lost some long-time members.  The most notable loss was that of Bill French, just 10 days ago.  Bill is home from the hospital following the discovery of advanced kidney cancer with a very poor prognosis.  Bill will not be checking in any more.  Bill is in our thoughts and prayers.

I have published a new roster, as we usually do at the beginning of the year.  I have eliminated a long list of Provisional Members as well as some Regular Members who haven’t checked in for a very long time.  The bottom line is that we have 62 Regular Members and we average close to 40 members checking in on most mornings.  The new Roster can be seen on another page in the web site.

We will have our annual luncheon again at Pappagallo’s in Swanzey NH.  The date is August 16th with an informal get together for rag chew at 11 AM and lunch at 12 Noon.  We will have a guest speaker from the National Weather Service, Bill Simpson, who is also the CoCoRaHS director for southern New Hampshire.  I have asked him to show us some of the analyses of the data CoCoRaHS derives from their data collection.  I am planning on having another “auction” at the luncheon, so look over your shack and see if you’ve got something good that you don’t use to contribute.  All proceeds from the auction will go into the Net’s treasury.  We hope that many of our new members will come to the luncheon.

Rob Noll, WX1N, from Unity NH has been added as an Editor of this web page.  Rob and Tom, WA1KDD, have been providing monthly reports of their weather observations.  I will be happy to grant other members privileges as an “Editor” if someone wants to make a regular contribution to the web page.

We have a change in the Net Control roster!  Phil, KE2EA, a long-time member of the net from Hornell NY and a previous Tuesday Net Control, has agreed to return as Net Control on Wednesdays and I have moved to Net Control on Mondays.  It’s good to hear Phil back on the air regularly.

Hope to see several members at NEARFest this weekend in Deerfield NH.

Dick, K1MGH, Net Manager