Fiscal Year Review, 2014-2015

This is a new page on the New England Weather Net’s web site!  It will be a short narrative from the Net Manager about the performance of the Net for the prior year.

Just like the last couple of years we have had a good year as far as our number of “check ins” we have had during our 931 sessions from May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015.  The total number was 11,138 or an average of 36 check ins every morning.


There have been changes in the Net!  First, we have had some of our Net Controls opting to step down and give some other members a chance to be Net Control.  Mitch, WB1CHU, found that he could not balance Net Control with the demands of his new job as a counselor at a substance abuse clinic.  He needs to be there by 5:45 AM each morning.  Jack, N1HOS, also stepped down after many years of service as Net Control. Jack has had some health problems that have slowed him down, not to a crawl but enough to give up calling stations for an hour at a time.  Jim, WA1KCC has asked to take a “sabbatical” from being Net Control  Many of you may not realize that Jim was one of the founders of the Cape and Islands Weather Net that starts at 6 AM six mornings a week.  The Cape and Islands Net runs by role call and I think Jim finds that more to his liking than the pile ups that can occur on the NEWN between 5:30 and 6:00 AM!

We have added some new Net Controls.  Joan, KC1KZ, has taken over Fridays with a strong signal that comes from a 1.5 KW amplifier.  Joan has a pleasant manner on the radio and does a great job as Net Control.  I’m not sure how long ago Doug, N1JBG, joined us as Net Control on Thursdays but Doug now has a dipole up good and high right near a salt water estuary.  Most of you know Phil, KE2EA from Hornell NY.  Phil has been a member of the NEW for many years and served as Tuesday Net Control  for many of those years.  Phil has returned and is taking Wednesdays.  We’re filling in for him currently because his gall bladder has decided to give him fits!  Hope he recovers soon and comes back as Net Control on Wednesdays.  I am looking for new Net Controls, even volunteers willing to fill in on occasion.  If you have a good signal and don’t live on Cape Cod, please let me know if you are interested.

We have had a number of stations that have dropped off the Net, most for unknown reasons.  Maurice, N1CFI, has not checked in for a very long time and his #1 roster number has been reassigned.  John, KA9UIC, has disappeared.  He has stopped checking in and has not answered emails.  Pete, AE2D,  had a serious fall over a year ago and can not get to his HF station anymore.  Brian, LA1PGI, was a member for a very short period of time.  Gary, AI4JA has also disappeared and has not responded to emails.

Taylor, WB4PVJ, is one of the oldest members of the NEWN at the age of 90.  He was mowing his grass last year and did a “nasty” on his coax!  I was able to contact Jim Littleton, President of the Anderson Radio Club in Anderson SC.  They got a team together and got Taylor back on the air about a month ago.

We have some new members including Bob, N1VTB from W. Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard; Joe, KB1FDA, from E. Corinth VT; George, K1GHC, from Rindge NHG; and Paul, K1COD from Teaticket (Falmouth) MA.  Check the web page showing the 2015 roster numbers for their new roster numbers.  I made an Obama-like “executive decision” about the roster this year.  I have given Roster #1 position to our good friend, former Net Manger, and our continuing Net SWL monitor Bill Claflin.  Bill deserves this honor and I’m proud of making him #1 !

Our luncheon this year will be on August 15th, meeting in the parking lot of Pappagallos in Swanzey NH at 11 AM and going in for lunch at 12 Noon.  PLEASE COME !!  I tried to get Boston CBS’s weather team to join us but they can’t make it.  So, we will do the auction again this year.  Get out your most recent catalog from HRO and find something inexpensive that you would like to have, buy it and donate it to the auction.  Or scour your shack for something you don’t need any longer and bring that!  This is how we run the NET without charging dues.

Speaking of money, Mitch tells me that we have $560.84 in the Treasury.  The only operating expense we had last year was paying for our guest speaker’s lunch at the annual luncheon.  The Web Site, stamps/envelopes, and QSO cards to new contacts are my donation.

That’s it for now!  Dick, K1MGH, Net Manager