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Jack, W1AYX, is net control on Thursdays. He first became interested in the weather around age 12 after receiving some basic instruments and a book on meteorology as a Christmas gift. Jack got his general amateur license in 2015 and began participating in the NEWN soon after.  Although fairly new to the hobby, his past experience includes radio communication in the U.S. Army and working as an emergency services dispatcher for a regional communications center in central Maine.  He and his family currently reside in the community of Madawaska, Maine where he serves as pastor of a local church.


FROM BOB, KB2OVE (Silent Key February 6, 2017)

Bob and his wife just returned from their trip to Europe.



From Bob Kaye, KC2ZRF

robert kaye


hi from wells ny .retired. have five cats one dog and one ferret i am married and we like to raise chickens and grow some vegies… i only go on to two nets yours and the gallup island association net on 3920 – 630 am to 730 am. monday threw saturday. after that i will dx a little. then keep busy around the house. i operate yaesu 2000d i run barefoot.for a antenna a buck master dipole .180 feet west and 90 feet east.i also have in the ground a foundation for a tower . i have a used mosley set up in the garden.i hope to be operational sometime in the spring. what i would like to know is the procedure in giving data to the controller? what they would like first in there log book .so that they can move along in the operation..well there it is have a great day and thank you for taking my contact on 3905…73s R.V.K. kc2zrf


Gregg Smith, WB2PPQ, Chester NJ

Piano lessons for Greg and Barbara, Jen is the teacher.

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Rob Noll, WX1, Unity New Hampshire

My name is Robert Noll, WX1N, and I live in Unity, New Hampshire, 
with my wife, Linda, and my 9-year-old daughter, Lauren. In 
addition to work,family, and ham radio, I also enjoy being a 
Lieutenant with our town's volunteer fire department.
My interest in radio began at an early age, listening to my 
father's scanner.  He had been licensed in the 60's as KN1ZUG for one year, and encouraged me to get my ham ticket.  I was licensed in1990 as KA1WNP, and also held the calls KD1SA, and (for just under 20 years) AA1IR, before getting my current call.  My father, John, just relicensed this year, after a 45-year hiatus, and holds the 
call W1JCN.  Two of my brothers are also ham radio operators- Dave,WL7DN, and Jake, WL7JAN.
In addition to being active on the New England Weather Net, I also co-own a repeater on Green Mountain in Claremont on 224.06 MHz 
(WX1NH/R).  The hourly temperature reports and on-demand weather 
conditions on the repeater are generated by the weather station at my home QTH.

 Barry Hutchinson, KB1TLR, Brewster Massachusetts

KB1TLR- Brewster, Ma. You’ll note that the screen saver on my main monitor says “KB1TLR’S- YAESU WORLD”, (members’ shacks page)
that’s because all of my radios are Yaesu with the exception of one HT. I own 2-Ft 1900R’s, a VX- 8R, a 350AR/AE, a VR-5000 receiver, a FT- 857D, a FT – 897D, and an FT 2000D. I have some of these radios assigned to my ARES kit and 2 in my truck. I have numerous TNC to get into digital but have not done so yet. Still working full time and don’t have enough time to do all the radio things that I would like to do. I originally had a novice license at 11 or 12 with the help of my grandfather who was W1GRC (he’s deceased & the call has been reassigned), my grandmother was also an early ham her call was W1HHF.
I was absent from amateur radio for close to 50 yrs.. My grandfather was an active in radio communications for well over 60 years. And a ham for at least 50 yrs. I just inherited some of his QSL cards from 1930 & up. I’m involved with ARES, scouts related to ham radio and help out for special events whenever i can. I obviously am involved with the weather net and two others.  Just love the hobby- I hope my grandfather is watching!

Augie Pintak, W2BIK, Vernon New Jersey

In March of 2012, I received a letter from Augie with the photograph of his station enclosed.  I came across it this morning while cleaning out my file drawer and thought I’d post it.  Augie’s station includes a Denwood 44o with SB200 and a TS480 with 572B.


Bill French, W1JLK, Sebring Florida, SK 2014

Bill French

My Dad was a Methodist minister and my mom a dairy farmer’s daughter.  I graduated high school in 1944 in time to spend a stateside year in the U.S. Army Air Corps.  My lifetime hobby has been bicycling and a year after retiring from General Motors my long ambition to bicycle from coast to coast was realized.  Ten years later I made a bicycle camping trip from our retirement home here in Sebring, FL to Philadelphia.  My Dad became W1JLK in 1934 and was one of early NEWx Net members.  He signed SK in 1973 and in 1976 I get into radio, joined the weather net the next year and in 1987  I traded my call, WD8BIX for dad’s old call, W1JLK.   Now  NEWx net no. 54 I enjoy getting up at 5 am and getting on the net with my report from Sebring, FL.
In 1955 I met and married Sylvia, a social work student at Univ. Conn. school of Social work.  We have two children.  The older, Pam is an architect and lives in Grantham, NH and the younger Stephen is an Information Systems manager and lives in Lancaster, PA. Sylvia and I retired to Florida and became permanent residents in 1997.


#46 Cal Callahan, KF7ET, Shelley Idaho

First licensed as KA1BWE in december 1978 in Mt Holly Vermont moved to Idaho in 1987 after loss of my first wife.  Married Colene in 1987 been living here in Idaho for 25 years changed call sign to KF7ET as my elmer N1VT was traveling around the country in a RV and we got a lot of grief as we were still listed as being in Vermont by people wanting Vermont 73 Cal.

#7 Greg Smith, WB2PPQ, Chatham or Chester NJ.


I became a radio amateur, WV2NAV back in 8th grade in a little country town of Mendham, NJ.  Back then, during the cold war, many towns had a Civilian Defense and I was active in CD radio communications using a Gonset 2 meter transceiver.

In my freshman year in high school, I bravely got on a train one morning to the big city – New York to take my General Class license.  I passed and became WB2PPQ – yuk!

I always enjoyed making gear and test equipment until I graduated to Heathkit products.  For whatever reason, CW became my choice mode of operation.

During my working career, I worked as a design engineer in gas chromatography, electronic scale industry (Ohaus) and critical power (ASCO Power Technologies).   When the FCC required that all digital products meet Part 15 EMC requirements, my ham background came in handy.  This expanded when products had to meet stringent European EMC compliance requirements.  Five years ago, I had the challenge to design shielding for the Navy to pass EMP (electromagnetic Pulse) warfare.  I currently work as a consultant for ASCO.

For a number of years I was a writer for “Monitoring Times” magazine, some achieving cover story.  My most interesting story was finding a spy sending computer generated encrypted CW on 30 meters at 6:00 a.m. and using DF antennas in several locations to geographically locate.

For many years I have been a RACES member in Chatham, NJ and also a CERT Community Emergency Response Team) member for Chatham Twp, NJ. I also am a member of the Badger Weather Net and SKYWRN severe weather spotter.

I enjoy restoring old tube ham equipment and enjoy using these classic rigs on 40 meters.  QRP is also a favorite activity using my Elecraft K2.

The mystery of WB2PPQ/2; two years ago I was blessed to have met Barbara, a retired school teacher.  We share many common interests and enjoy playing keyboard instruments.


#10 Jack Adams, N1HOS, Bellows Falls, Vermont

Jack in the Air Force  and his great grandson Brenden Michael Burke

I was living in Winchester, NH in the 1960’s and because my brother-in-law was a CB operator, I bought a radio and started to have a good time.  I think there were about 50 people in the 30 to 40 mile radius that I talked with.  I moved to Springfield, VT in the mid-1960’s.  Since there were no CB operators in the area to talk with, I sold the radio.  I moved to Bellows Falls in the early 1970’s and my son wanted a radio, so I started again with a CB.   One of the locals was a ham and he talked me into studying for a ham ticket and, in 1990, I because a novice; General and Extra followed.   I am a retired bus driver from Okemo, Mt. In Ludlow, VT.  I worked several years as a schoolteacher but liked driving a bus, so I left teaching and drove for some 30 years.  I’ve had lots of other jobs, but driving was the best.  Now I am78 years old and just want to sit in my rocking chair and watch the years go past.I am a member of RACES and CERT and belong to the West River Valley Radio Club.I am separated from my wife but we are still married, for over 50 years.  She did not like the radio stuff.  I have 4 grown children.  The youngest will be 40 at the end of Sept.  I have 12 grand kids and 4 great grand kids and one big dog.The picture is from my days in the Air Force days in the 1950’s.

[K1MGH adds:  Jack is one of our most reliable stations and a valuable net control.]


#27 Henry Brown, K1WCC, East Falmouth, Massachusetts

I have been licensed since 1994, and was an SWL since age 12 when I got a crystal set kit for Christmas in 1958. My last SWL rig was a Kenwood R-5000, and I still have my first “real” radio, a working Hallicrafters S-120.Radio interests include portable operating and Lighthouse activations,(ARLHS#547), ARRL Field Day, The Cape Cod Marconi Radio Club KM1CC, The New England WX Net every morning at 5:30 AM local time on 3.905 khz., Maritimes WX Net daily at 6 AM local on 3.770 khz. I am the ARES EC for Falmouth, MA, operating from Falmouth Hospital. I am also trustee of the callsign WW2MAN, representing the U-5075 SEEHUND submarine, a museum ship in Quincy, MA. Listen for me during Museum Ships Weekends, I operate portable near the sub.With members of the Cape Cod Marconi Radio Club KM1CC, I operate the annual W1P Steamship PORTLAND commemorative station on the day after Thanksgiving.Member of ARRL, Falmouth Amateur Radio Association, and Amateur Radio Lighthouse Association, Marconi Radio Club, as well as FISTS CW Club (#2706)Main rig is a Yaesu FT-920, with an Icom 7000 for portable ops and an FT-817D for PSK and QRP. I run barefoot with various backyard antennas.I am employed by Edgetech, a manufacturer of underwater instrumentation. My son Chris is KB1SSP. He was Firefighter of the Year in Mass. a few years ago. My daughter Jen is not licensed.Other interests include camping and kayaking, and having fun with my 6 grandchildren. Married to Lynne for 45 yrs.

[K1MGH adds:  Henry sets the standard for net control stations.]


#37 Doug Hart, N1JBG, Duxbury, Massachusetts

Radios have always been an interest of mine, beginning as an swl with a Zenith Transoceanic in the early 1960s.  Like many hams I tried CB in the late 1960s and 1970s, beginning with a Heathkit which I built with a lot of assistance from the company.  Then marriage and kids intervened.  I have been married to Lydia for 34 years and have two non ham children, Andrew 31 and Beckett, 29. I finally got my Novice,(KA1YLA) Tech and General in the early 1990s.

We moved to Duxbury MA in 1999 and I finally was able to get a decent antenna up and get on the air reliably.  I joined the NEWN at the urging of Dick, K1MGH in February of 2012.  I am now a regular.

I enjoy running, (11 marathons and one on the way) our three dogs, sailing, and traveling in my Airstream trailer, in addition to Ham Radio.

#9 Dick Wiklund, K1MGH, North Falmouth, Massachusetts

I am the current Net Manager and Net Control on Fridays for the New England Weather Net.  I am also the “web master” for this web site.  Since I’m harassing other members to post their profile I guess I have to do the same.

I am a retired physician and specialized in Anesthesiology for over 40 years.  Towards the end of my career I became involved in hospital administration and was medical director of the operating rooms at Mass General Hospital for my last 5 years of practice.  My wife, Claire, and I live in North Falmouth on Cedar Lake.  We love the Cape from Labor Day until Memorial Day!

I got my technician license in 2003 and upgraded to General on the weekend after the requirement for Morse Code was eliminated.  In February of 2011 I gave myself a birthday present by studying hard and getting my Extra license.  I tell everyone that I had a lot of impedance that let to a lot of resistance to my getting my inductance to Extra but my capacitance won out!

My other hobbies include woodworking, building model airplanes, digital photography, and traveling North America in our Airstream trailer.  I maintain my own personal website ( and a weather website (


#3 Mitch Mitchell, WB1CHU, Lawrence MA

I was born on Groundhog’s Day in 1962 to a set of parents who were avid CB’ers. When the song Convoy came out in the mid 70’s and ruined 11 meters, we all went to night school to earn our novice tickets. I received mine in March of 1977 and have kept my original call sign since. I was born and raised in “The Best Town Near a Dam Site” called Clinton, Massachusetts.  One third of the town was flooded to help create the Wachusett Dam and the Wachusett & Quabbin reservoirs. Nobody knew where Clinton was until about the same time that I got my ticket, President Jimmy Carter came there for the first of many presidential “Town Hall Meetings” held in small towns throughout the US. I met my wife on a Saturday night at a local nightclub there where my dad and I were disc jockeying in February of 1983 and I moved in her 4 days later. I’ve always said that I fell in love with her three children and she just came along with the package. We have been married now for 27 years and have 3 children of our own as well as 9 grandchildren with 2 more on the way. We own a very modest ranch in Lawrence, MA., just big enough for the two of us, our Pekinese and no kids!!  My wife had obtained her ticket about 15 years ago while we were living in Onset, MA but unfortunately let it expire and has no interest and getting another one. She blames me for not being able to get to the microphone!! I am an Extra Class, earning it the hard way before the rules changed.

I am a veteran of the Massachusetts Army National Guard 181st Infantry in Worcester, where I served 8 years as a radio and teletype operator. I must’ve made over 300 CW contacts out of my “RATT” rig in the late 70’s and early 80’s while I was out in the field. I have just completed 6 years of college to earn my Graduate Degree in Mental Health Counseling and am currently employed at the Lowell House SOAP program. SOAP stands for “Structured Outpatient Addictions Program” where I work as an addictions clinician. I have also been employed as a Financial Tax Advisor and Tax Professional by H & R Block for the past ten years. I just recently passed the IRS mandated test for a Registered Tax Return Preparer and am currently studying to become an Enrolled Agent. I have been very active in ham radio for the past 15 years or so after taking some time off to raise my children. I am a past president of the Wareham Amateur Radio Club and also a past Western Mass Section Traffic Manager for the ARRL. I was introduced to the New England Weather Net in 1995 by Frank Fekel, W2EXB and I hold his number 3 on the roster in his memory for taking me under his wing and mentoring me on the proper weather station setup and daily reporting on the Net. I am privileged to serve the New England Weather Net as its Secretary/Treasurer.

My “shack” consists of a Yaesu FT-920, Ameritron AL-811H 800W Amplifier, MFJ Versa Tuner V feeding a newly installed Radioworks Carolina Windom 80 Compact that is only up about 25 feet. I hope to get a new telescoping mast in the spring and get it up to 50ft with an Hustler 440 vertical on the other side utilizing quite a bit of guying with Dacron. My weather station is a RainWise WS-2000 which was originally my dad’s that I entirely upgraded during the past 10 years. Check my station out on where I upload every 3 minutes. I am locally active on 2M/440 with an Icom IC-910 All Mode Transceiver feeding a Comet GP-9 and also have a 6m Cushcraft vertical up on the roof as well not leaving much room for anything else!! My location is not the best at 53ft above sea level but the house is mine, in which itself, is a miracle.

 #30 Al Sirois, N1MHC,  East Boothbay ME

Thank you for your interest in reading this bio.

I first learned the code at age nine while at Coney Island, a YMCA day camp, in Salem, MA harbor. My dad, Albert Rene Sirois was Camp Director, and operated on a Pass Card System (PCS) used to measure the training and achievements of the campers on the island. One of the Programs the PCS taught was Communications. We had a Pass Card for Semiphore (a two flag system)and one for Wig-Wag (a one flag system). While facing the person you were sending to, you would hold the (large) single flag in the vertical position which would indicate the stop or end of word position. Dropping the flag to the senders right constituted a “DOT”. Dropping the flag to the senders left constituted a “DASH”. I learned the MORSE CODE by learning, “WIG-WAG”.

I graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 1955. While there I learned the Flashing Light communication system at 8 WPM, passed the Coast Guard Exam and received my Third Mates Licence (any tonnage any waters). This proved valuable when hailing the Pilot Boats going in and out of rivers on foreign shore while Mate on the various ships owned by The United States Line Company and United Fruit Company (1955-1957). I also served aboard the USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14)as Radio, Crypto and Division Officer in the Operations Department. The balance of over 20 years service was spent in NROS as instructor and student.

It was not until I was employed as Chief Instrument Engineer on the generator project at Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant that I began my interest in getting my Amateur Radio License. I had an uncle, W1AZE- Renald Sirois, now deceased, with whom I visited and discussed my interest. He said we would be able to communicate with him as well as being able to talk with my sons and daughters if they became HAMS. So I pushed on. Now my son Ray is N1RY and brother is N1OPF and we have in the past kept a weekly schedule supporting each other in this hobby.

Although I am currently Maine Public Service Net Manager which meets on 3940 KHZ Sunday morning at 0900 local time; I have been very active in traffic handling for several years 1/st region & eastern area CW nets, while being the primary care provider for my wife, Agnes (deceased in 1998). Other activities in ham radio include: Fists #1272; MARS nnn0wna; NC NEWN.US 3905khz; NC 14.300mhz; Soc.of Wireless Pioneers #5577-M; ARES Cord.Lincoln Cty.Maine; ARC’s Lincoln County & Merrymeeting Bay member,; NC WWCW 7047 khz; Homeland Security ICS-400-A.

I thought I would keep this BIO within the communications sector of Amateur Radio interests. Should anyone wish further knowledge, you may visit my personal WEB cite at “”, and “click” “personal”.

Here’s a couple of photos of N1MHC attending duties aboard “Barnacle”, a 26ft Pearson Commander taken on Father’s Day 2012 in Little River, the QTH ofAl & Shirley Sirois East Boothbay, Maine 04544-0002We offer a FREE Guest Mooring to NEWN members and other Hams sailing theMaine coast year round. Our position is LAT 43* 50.0′ N, LONG 69* 35.5′ W.

#33 Bill Krussell, W1RQS, Scituate MA

P1060373 P1060376 P1060379 P1060380Pictures courtesy of Al Sirois, #30, N1MHC

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