The NEWN luncheon has been a fixture in my calendar ever since I joined the Net in 2011 and especially since i become Net Manager around 2015 when Bill Claflin stepped down.  There have been a lot of changes since that time.  We have new members each year, unfortunately we have members who have become Silent Keys,, and we have some members who just moved along in their lives and no longer check in with us early in the morning.

The attendance at our annual luncheon this yar was pretty minimal:  12 people including 3 spouses.  So only 9 members attended.  Bill Krussell and I drove up from Cape cod and were the only members there from southern New England (MA, RI,CT).  There were no members from Maine, one from New York, two from Vermont, and 4 from New Hampshire.  I was disappointed at the turnout but the message came across loud and clear:  the annual luncheon at Pappagallo’s in Swanzey NH is “dead in the water”.  I am not going to plan another luncheon next year.  the distances are too far our members to travel, the traffic on a late Summer vacation weekend is atrocious.  I spent 7 hours travelling to and from Swanzey and encountered bumper-to-bumper traffic from northeastern Massachusetts to the Sagamore Bridge to Cape Cod.

We did do some “business” at the meeting:

I announced that Joan, Kc1KZ polled the membership and they elected me as Net Manager for the next few years.

We payed tribute to a number of members who have become SKs:

  • Jim, WA1KCC, net control for several years
  • Bill Claflin, SWL, Net Manager for many years
  • Bob, KB2OEV, an accomplished furniture maker
  • Pete, AE@D, a legend in Ham Radion and on Cape Cod

We have several members who are “Missing In Action”

  • Mark, N3CNT
  • Taylor, WB4PVJ
  • Bob, VE1RPH
  • Chris, W1KMA
  • Cal, KF7ET
  • Steve, K1SJW
  • Goss, KA!FFX
  • Art, K1TDY
  • Jerry, AK1Y
  • Ray, K1RAH

We have several new members

  • Steth, K1WXY
  • Steve, KK9W
  • Tom, W1TRP
  • Hal, WA1ZJL
  • Blair, WB1UETBryce, WA1CXA
  • Ken, W1KAW
  • Ken, W2KS
  • Wayne, K3WKE

our annual check-ins continue to run well over 11,00.  So far this year we have seen a big jump in check-ins, averaging over 40 per day!  That is good news and, in part, is due to our new method of checking in, the Internet reporting facility.  I’d like to give a great deal of thanks to Jack Caron, W1AYX for his work on revising our web site ,, and for adding the Internet check in form.  Additionally, I continue to monitor D-STAR for digital reports for stations that cannot get through to Net Control on 3.905.  Both of these modalities are a bit controversial and have been criticized by some members as not being “ham radio”.  I understand their point of view but  these are areas where ham radio is going and we need to stay abreast of them.

Before I close, and post some pictures from the luncheon, where are we going next year.  I am not going to support a meeting at Pappagallo’s in the midst of the tourist season again next year.  I have one suggestion, should we consider two meetings a year?  One to be held in central Maine and the other in southern New  England.  To be worthwhile, each should attract at least 12 members with prepaid reservations.  this has been done in the past by the NEWN and would allow us to maintain the “eyeball to eyeball QSO that we like.

Here are some pictures from the luncheon,