NEWN Luncheon Photos 2013

Once again the NEWN has had a great annual meeting and lunch at Pappagallo’s in Swanzey NH, organized by Bruce #24 WA1YZN and Jack #10 N1HOS.  The weather was perfect and food delicious.  Dick K1MGH gave a brief Net Manager’s report, Mitch WB1CHU gave a Treasurer’s Report and a Secretaries Report, and one of our new members, Frank WT1B gave a talk on remote ham radio access.  We added something new this year, an auction of articles donated by members and we were able to add $103 to our treasury!  Everyone had a good time and we’re looking forward to doing it again next year.

Those in attendance included Bill Claflin, former net manager, Henry K1WCC, Mitch WB1CHU, Dick K1MGH, Jack N1HOS, Jim WA1KCC, Gene KX1C, Bill W1RQS, Bruce WA1YZ, Dave K1WER and his wife, Frank WT1B, Cal KF7ET and his wife, Mike W1MCT, Barry, KB1TLR, Joan KC1KZ, and John K1JZ.

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