NEWN Radio Shacks


K1GHC’s shack in Rindge NH

Shack Picture K1GHC

K1WCC’s shack update in East Falmouth MA


Kevin, KD1J, suggested that I put up a page on our website for members to post photos of their radio shack, and perhaps a picture of themselves.  I thought it was a good idea and expanded the thought:  photos are great but how about short videos.  I tried posting a video but can’t say I like it (I need lesson from one of my grandchildren).  You can email me JPEG photos of your shack and yourself.  All of your smart phones will let you or your grandchildren take pictures and email them to me.  Maybe your grandchildren have a video camera and you can send a link to a YouTube video.


Cal, KF7ET’s shack in Shelley ID

cal callahan shack_0001 cal callahan shack

N1JBG’s mobile shack in his Airstream trailer


K1MGH’s shack in North Falmouth MA

The three computers display Ham Radio Deluxe, my Davis Vantage Pro II weather station, and my weather website (   The four radios are all Icoms(7000, 9100, 746Pro, T90A.  There’ are two power supplies but I use the Astron 35 amp almost exclusively.  I have two amplifiers (Tokyo HP 550FX and Acom 1500  An LDG tuner is linked to the Tokyo HP and a Palstar A2KD to the Acom.  The DBX controls my audio, recommended by Kevin, KD1J.  The barograph was a present from Bill Claflin.  Antennas include 75M dipole tuned to 3.905, a T6 log periodic for 10 thru 20M mounted on a 50′ Rohn tower, a 43′ vertical  for 10 thru 40M, and a 2M Yagi for VHF, furniture is from Ikea. Here’s a picture of the other side of the shack showing the model ship and airplane that I built.


W1JLK’s shack in Sebring FL

4-4-13 My Radio shack with Hibiscus

My Radio Station 001


KD1J’s shack in Wallingford CT


To quote Kevin, “Most Hams wouldn’t bother with all this, but my microphone is aBehringer B1 studio condenser mic, feeding a Mackie mixer, into an Alesis ‘NanoCompressor’, which feeds the Line Input of my Yaesu FTdx-3000D rig.  I remember years ago as a young ham reading in an old ARRL Handbook about one’s “On the Air Voice” and that phrase always stuck in my mind.”

Are we surprised that he has such an outstanding signal?


K1WCC’s Shack


Bill French says that Henry is the best Net Control he’s ever encountered.  I agree!  He’s on his way to Dayton and tells me that the shack will look a little different when he gets back.


KB1TLR’S Shack 

shack_email-1 The YAESU palace!


WX1N’s Shack 

CAM00048 ________________________________________________________________________

W2BIK’s shack in Vernon NJ



K1GHC’s Impressive Tower